How to install WordPress via cPanel ?

To install WordPress you simply follow the below steps:


  • Login to your cPanel with your credentials.


  • Scroll down and select WordPress from the Softaculous App Installer section.


  • Click on the Install button.


  • Choose Protocol, Domain name and Directory for the WordPress installation.


  • Set your new WordPress site name with Site description and enable multisite (for install separate WordPress on the basis of nature of website).


  • Set UsernamePassword, and Email address to secure your WordPress.


  • Please select the language as per your needs. And Enable Limit Login Attempts for more security.


  • Extract Advanced Options and fill the Database details.


  • Choose a suitable theme for your WordPress website on the basis of the nature of your website. And click on the Install button. It will take a few minutes to install.


  • WordPress is installed on your server. You can check it by click on the link.
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